Meet The Driver

Hi there,

I am currently a junior in college and of course, with little money. I work at a pizza restaurant delivering food for some quick cash.

Ever since I have been alive I have been able to eat whenever and whatever I want. I haven’t gained a pound in probably 4 or 5 years now but I know one morning I will wake up with a giant beer belly and that’s just the way it is. I enjoy all types of food, mostly fried chicken wings topped with hot sauce, or a large bbq chicken pizza that I can’t seem to get sick of, or maybe I’ll feel like being healthy one day and enjoy some burritos, with hot sauce and chicken of course.

After working and mostly delivering at a local restaurant for more than five years you can’t help but notice trends and changes within the restaurant and also to the customers themselves. Our menu has a variety of different foods ranging from pizza and wings to healthy salads and cold subs. You will be amazed at who, what, when, where,and why  people have ordered food. Some of the people I have encountered and some of the stories I have heard are…well…weird, hilarious, different, mind-boggling, confusing, influential, bullshit, and…well you get the picture.

This blog is a perfect chance to share some of my stories and to dig deeper as to why people ordered the foods they did. Hopefully you enjoy what I found throughout my encounters and hopefully It’ll make you think twice about ordering food knowing you could be another story for a delivery kid to tell his friends.


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