Power of Advertisement?

I delivered to a customer the other night and the first thing i noticed when I opened the door was a giant flat screen TV, must of been about a 37”.  Now on the TV was a commercial, a Dominos pizza commercial, and this customer wasn’t ordering Dominos.

The restaurant that I work at doesn’t have these amazing deals that Dominos is offering. So why did this customer order from us and not them? Also, do commercials and advertising influence people as much as we think. If a restaurant has zero commercials and little advertising, similar to the restaurant that I work at, but has great food, word will spread and people will know about it even though there is little advertising.

According to an article on the CNN website, http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/europe/09/22/power.of.advertising/index.html, advertising can control the way we look, the way we meet people, what we drive, what we eat, and pretty much every aspect of our lives.

So what if this customer was watching a Dominos commercial, He clearly wanted the better quality of food even though it might of cost him a little more money. Media is said to have large impact on consumption and is said to control what we buy. My encounter the other night proved this wrong and it shows media can only control you if you allow it to.

FN 4/16


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