Pizza Cooking Shows

I don’t really tend to watch cooking shows but when I rarely tune it i never see them about pizza. Pizza is such a common food that you would think that many more cooking channels would devote there time in ways of making it tastier and well, healthier. Pizza is getting a bad rap because most people think that pizza is unhealthy. Just because its associated with fried chicken wings doesn’t mean its unhealthy. Americans consume around 350 slices a second and can contain a days worth of calories in 2-3 slices. In fact, one slice of Dominoes veggie pizza which contains, veggies, feta, black olives, and provolone is about 230 calories. Comparing this slice to a Burger King Whopper (760 cals), KFC Double Down (540 cals), and MCdonalds Quarter Pounder (740), the slice of Dominoes is clearly coming out on top. Its not the pizza itself that’s unhealthy, maybe is the person ordering it. Constant customers are so prone in getting what they crave rather than thinking of the consequences. So next time your at the counter looking at the menu, try ordering a pizza with some veggies rather than your beloved meat lovers pizza, which is oh so good. It might not taste as well but later in life your body with thank you. My question to you: is pizza a good alternative to your common fast food place?


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