Fire and Resue

Last night i delivered to our towns fire and rescue center. I assumed it was for a party because the order was over 200 dollars of salads, pastas, and garlic bread. I was expecting at least a $20 tip, i walked out with only $10. But besides the point it was a bunch of food for the people who keep our town safe. We just started catering recently and it has become a big hit. We cater large subs, pasta dishes with garlic bread and of course pizza. Catering has become more and more popular. Why do you think people prefer catering over ordering individual items? Is it because one its cheaper as a whole, or is it because of the simple fact that’s its easier to do. Rather than saying everyone specific order. As a restaurant we prefer people who want to be catered because of the simplicity of making the food. Orders that involve lots of work, bbq philly with no cheese, add mushrooms and hot peppers, only onions on half (you get the point), are a pain to make rather than just sticking a large pasta dish in the oven. So next time you are with a large gathering think about being catered knowing the cooks will appreciate it more and that you will save lots of money! FN 3/19


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