Score of 76

So every now and then health inspectors come into restaurants unannounced and they give restaurants a score out of 100 based on how clean the restaurant is. There is over a hundred little things that reflect the score, i wont go into detail. Our restaurant recently received a 76. In other words, our restaurant shouldn’t even be open right now. I believe if a restaurant scores near a 70 it immediately gets closed down. But the thing is the restaurant looked clean as can the day before. This just shows you can’t judge a book by its cover and even if the food is as best as can be it may be coming from dirty dishes, ovens, and it may not be sanitary. The owners and the new GM were shocked and the whole staff had to clean for two days straight. Food is such a health issue for some many people that when it comes from unsanitary items it can cause major issues for the health nuts out there and restaurants can loose customers in a heartbeat.

But my question to you is, when ordering from a pizzeria how healthy do you think your food actually is? “Its a vegetarian pizza, its so healthy!” Throw some broccoli, onions and tomatoes on there and you think its the healthiest pizza on earth. But what about the dough, sauce, and the cheese that all have there special ingredients. People are unaware of these ingredients when ordering food all the time. FN 3/9


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