New GM

Recently the restaurant that I work at hired a new General Manager to run the show. Immediately he made some drastic changes such as changing the way we make certain foods. Instead of pre-frying our chicken wings (which were among the best in and around town) we have to cook them in the oven and add a little salt and pepper/seasoning. And to surprise they actually tasted better. I thought to myself this new GM knows what the hell he is talking about. New ways to prepare our meatballs, sausage, cold meats, and pastas are starting to become a common practice in our restaurant. Customers themselves are even giving us compliments about how much better our food is. With the new GM making our food much better, our restaurant has attracted new customers from around the area. I find myself delivering to new people around town every night that i have never delivered to once throughout the 5-6 years I’ve been working here.

Does changing the way we (restaurants) prepare food in the slightest way really make a difference or does the simple fact that  new owners and a new GM attract new customers because of the popularity they could have? FN 3/5




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