the online world

Ordering online has changed drastically over the years. The restaurant that I work at is in the process of making a website that offers online ordering, which is a good thing because ordering online has become more popular in recent years. Certainly convenience is a reason why, nothing can beat sitting on your lazy boy and clicking a few times, next thing you know you hear the door bell. This has made people less social but it also shows that social network is becoming a more feasible way to order food. I remember flipping through the yellow pages trying to find a certain phone number or menu but the internet has changed so much that you can find anything about a restaurant and people are relying that most restaurants have an option to order online just because of it’s convenience. Late night wing orders a pain sometimes, who ever is calling scrambles last minute to figure out what everyone wants but with online ordering, no need to be stressed.   WP 3/2


One thought on “the online world

  1. Jim McCarthy says:

    One time a year or two ago my phone was broken for some reason or other, my car was in the shop, and my fridge was empty. As I live a little outside of town I started to feel really helpless that I had no way to get any real food. Internet to the rescue! (I thought). I went to a couple of different sites and tried create an account. They even let me get as far as picking what I wanted off the menu. And then I hit a snag. For the first time delivery, they had to verify where I lived by phone. AHHHHH! I ended up walking to a gas station and eating some really crappy food.

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