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I recently just came across an article posted on fyiliving about how tv commericials strongly affect eating habits in children. It states that many“previous studies have show that exposure to television commercials related to food has increased the consumption of calorie-rich foods by children, which adversely affect their health.”

This relates to my blog and to my context because every now and then you see pizza commercials. Watching the super bowl this year I specifically remember seeing more than one Papa Johns commercial.  Pizza commercials are becoming more and more popular and its obviously having a major impact on when and why people order food. One reason why is because its becoming cheaper and cheaper, 10 dollar large pizzas at Pizza Hut is a good deal don’t get me wrong, but do the commercials representing the deals need to be on 100 times a day?  The media has such a strong influence on society that’s if it’s advertised well, restaurants and other businesses will see results.

FYI living seems likes a very credible site, just take a look for yourself…

It has credible sources such as Emma Boyland and Joanne Harold, both from the University of Liverpool. An experiment was even preformed to prove that children are impacted by food commercials. Compared to the  article about baseball seats being reserved for people who are allergic to peanuts, this article didn’t have any good sources and they lacked facts. WP 3/2


One thought on “commercials commercials commercials

  1. Jim McCarthy says:

    I often wonder at the expense of producing all of those commercials and if its really worth it for some of the top food producers advertising, especially at the superbowl. Take Coca-Cola for example. Lets say that a normal business spends roughly 5% on advertising. A 30 second add during the -2nd most awesome Giants win ever!- costs about a million bucks. That means that that add would have to generate $20 million dollars in order to make it worth the expense. As Coca-Cola is such an institution already in this country, do you think that not running the add would hurt sales?
    As for the children, we should definitely start regulating how they are targeted by these large companies.

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