No Deliveries

I got off work today at 5 pm and I didn’t take a single delivery. Why are Mondays the least busiest day of the week? Since its the start of the week people are in bad moods and you would think that some pizza or wings would cheer them up, apparently not. My shift started at 4 and I sat around, ate a slice of pizza, and left when the closing driver showed up. Mondays have always been really slow, I wonder if Dominos and Pizza Hut down the road were just as slow? The beginning of the week is for so called family or sit down dinners, where the food  is prepared and made in the kitchen of your house, not of a  pizzeria. Looking at it from another perspective, ordering pizza and wings can be seen as a celebration. That is why Friday is by far the most busiest day of the week, people are celebrating the weekend! I work every Friday and I deliver to the same old customers every single Friday, Sherry is good for at least a 10 dollar tip every Friday, sometimes even a 20 banger. As the week progresses it gets busier and busier, maybe it’s because people get lazier and lazier. I’m not hating on these people but as the week goes on people are more prone to order food rather than prepare a more healthy meal at home. It takes less effort to dial a phone number compared to making food, this is why college students are among the leaders of ordering food. Even though i didn’t make a single dollar in tips, that’s alright because I’m thinking most people are preparing and eating more healthy meals and having sit down dinners with their families and loved ones, and that’s a good thing. FN 2/20


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