Wings, wings, and more wings

I had an unusual delivery tonight at about 7:30. It was to a more wealthy neighborhood from where I am from and on my way there I wasn’t expecting a nice tip. People who are rich don’t seem to tip as well as people who aren’t for some reason, probably because they are smart with their money and know how to manage it better, but that’s besides the point. The delivery ticket said Corey and I  pictured an older gentlemen answering the door, of course it was not an older gentlemen. To my surprise it was a very good looking woman, probably in her upper 40s. But what was even more surprising was the food that I gave to her, 18 mild wings and 18 bbq wings with extra ranch.

She answered the door with a very large smile and the transaction between the food and the money happened so quickly that it wasn’t until I was halfway back to the restaurant when I found out she gave me a 10 dollar tip, Ill take it. While the door was only open for not even a minute I noticed about 4-5 other middle aged women surrounding the table, which made me come a quick conclusion that it was a girls night. No healthy salads, no veggie subs, strictly fried chicken wings. Lets be real for a second, no woman wants to really eat messy buffalo chicken wings in front of their loved ones because one, they don’t know how to eat them properly and its bothering for some reason and two, if they do know how to eat them and scarf them down like its their job its kind of a turn off. So no husbands, no kids, it’s their one chance to eat like they have always wanted to, like a pig. They didn’t have to worry about being messy or looked at funny while eating, they could just enjoy them to the fullest and talk about, whatever it is girls talk about while eating chicken wings. So I hope you enjoyed those wings ladies because I feel like it doesn’t happen often, oh and thanks for the tip. FN 2/13


One thought on “Wings, wings, and more wings

  1. Jim McCarthy says:

    I’m just imagining a group of cougars munching down on those wings and licking their fingers. Sound’s like the kind of women I’d like to party with!

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