Delivery at 4:53pm

His name is Fred, we are on a first name basis because he orders about twice a week. I enjoy getting his deliveries  because he is always good for a tip of at least 6 bucks. He answers the door every single time I’ve been to his house. I know he has a family because I always hear kids in the background, wife? That’s still up for debate. He seems like a hard working middle aged man because of the scruff on his face and the fact that he drives a work truck with lots of tools in the back.

Large philly cheese steak sub with no onions is what he always gets, along with either a pizza or some wings, usually mild with ranch. Fred seems like an honest guy, he always answers the door with a smile and is never in a bad mood. I have made one conclusion about Fred, he is addicted to philly cheese steak subs. I can’t blame him, I mean I have had my fair share of them and after working at this place for over 5 years they don’t seem to get old. But why is it those phillys that have him hooked? After working all day Fred doesn’t want to sit down, drink his beer, and munch on a salad. He wants a manly meal that represents who he is. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say salads are feminine. I do enjoy a nice chicken ceasar like once a year, but that’s about it.  Philly cheese steak subs are for the working man who gets their hands dirty and that’s exactly who Fred is. FN 2/6


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